Wednesday, 23 July 2014

July 4th Nails...

July 4th Nails...

Since I am American (Canadian too, but always an American!) I did some July 4th Nails for the holiday as well as my birthday trip to NYC!!

1. Paint nails with a good base coat.
2. Paint the first and second nail a red, Paint your middle finger a bright blue, your ring finger white and your pinky silver. Do the same on both hands.
3. Using a glitter polish, coat your index fingers with the glitter polish over the red.
4. Using a dotting tool dipped in white polish create a star-like effect on your middle finger by placing dots over the whole nail.
5. Paint a coat of a silver glitter polish over your white ring fingers.
6. Allow your design to dry for a few minutes and generously coat your design with a good top coat.


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