Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Ombre Pink Nails

Pretty Pink Ombre Nails...

1. Make sure your nails are clean and dry

2. Choose a hot pink polish. You are going to add various amounts of white polish to the pink to get the Ombre effect

3. Paint your first nail the hot pink

4. Draw a stripe on the top of the ring finger

5. Mix a bit of white polish into the pink to achieve the next shade

6. Paint onto next finger and paint a line below the dark one on the ring finger

7. Continue these steps for the rest of your fingers...I recommend doing fingers on both hands with each color ie. Hot pink...do both thumbs and both ring finger lines, lighter pink do both index fingers and lines across ring fingers...etc.

8. When you complete all the nails, wait a bit then protect your design with a good top coat

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Thursday, 24 April 2014

And here is an alternate Tiffany design...

Tiffany Inspired Nails...

1. Make sure your nails are clean and dry

2. Paint your nails with a good base coat to protect your natural nail

3. Using a Tiffany shade of green, I used Essie Turquoise & Caicos, paint 2 coats of color

4. Draw a french tip across the nail with a white polish

5. Protect your design with a good top coat

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Tiffany Themed Nails

Tiffany Nails

In honour of my Nephew's Bar Mitzvah I did Tiffany themed nails.
The colours my sis chose were the blueish green tiffany colour, silver and white. So I did my nails to match.

1. Gather all the polishes you will need for this manicure. I used Sally Hansen Triple Shine Polish in Dive In, a silver striper, and Essie Blanc

2. Paint your nails with a good base coat.

3. Paint your nails with 2 coats of the Tiffany Blue polish allowing a few minutes of drying time between. It is important to try to make the coats thin as to prevent bubbles and depositing too much polish.

4. With a white striper, create a horizontal line and a vertical line (like the ribbons on a gift)

5. With the silver striper create a bow in the cross section of the white stripes.

6. Allow your design to dry for a bit and then add a coat of triple shine top coat to protect your design.

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Monday, 7 April 2014

A Polish Review... Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Reef-Raf

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Polish Review

For this week I am testing the Sally Hansen Triple Shine Polish in the colour Reef-Raf. The colour is a bright pink to get me into Spring and the Florida spirit!

-The colour went on pretty well. I used my Essie Base Coat and then applied 2 coats of the Triple Shine polish. 
-The key is to make sure the layers are not too thick or your drying time will be increased. Two thin coats is all you need and they should dry pretty fast. 
-The brush is rather large and flat which I found a bit awkward. 
-Two coats are needed for a nice opaque application.
-I allowed the polish to dry for a few minutes and then applied the Triple Shine Top Coat. 

My nails look FABULOUS...now for the test. What is the staying power of this polish? Will they remain shiny? For how long? Will it live up to the claims of:

"Water to workout, day in and day out, nothing will dull these nails. 
The gloss is protected with the Ultimate Shield Complex, exclusive to Sally Hansen, designed to help polish withstand the wear and tear of everyday living for non-stop shine. "

I will do everything as I normally do. We will see how it goes...I will report back in a few days to let you know how my mani is holding up!

Here are two pics of my mani just now...freshly done:

Edit Thursday April 10:

First Picture is mani freshly done Monday night. Second is Day 3 Thursday. Third is comparison between Fresh (top) and Day 3 (Bottom) 

So Day three is here and LOOKS GREAT!!!! So far I am VERY impressed... the true test will be how this polish holds up on my girls... will keep you posted!

Edit: April 24, 2014:
So the polish did not hold up too well on my girls but no polish does for some reason. I do have a pic of my nails from Day 9 and they still look GREAT!!!
So impressed!

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Double French Mani

Double French Mani

1. Begin with clean and dry nails

2. Use a good base coat to protect your natural nail

3. Paint all your nails a natural colour. I used Essie Sand Tropez. Make sure to let this layer dry before going on to step 4

4. Using striping tape or "Perfect Tips & Toes" strips, place about 1/3 down your nail

5. Paint a white line across, I used Essie Blanc

6. Peel off strips, allow to dry

7. Paint the tips with a darker colour, I used Essie Aruba Blue

8. Allow your design to dry and then protect with a good top coat

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