Thursday, 24 April 2014

Tiffany Themed Nails

Tiffany Nails

In honour of my Nephew's Bar Mitzvah I did Tiffany themed nails.
The colours my sis chose were the blueish green tiffany colour, silver and white. So I did my nails to match.

1. Gather all the polishes you will need for this manicure. I used Sally Hansen Triple Shine Polish in Dive In, a silver striper, and Essie Blanc

2. Paint your nails with a good base coat.

3. Paint your nails with 2 coats of the Tiffany Blue polish allowing a few minutes of drying time between. It is important to try to make the coats thin as to prevent bubbles and depositing too much polish.

4. With a white striper, create a horizontal line and a vertical line (like the ribbons on a gift)

5. With the silver striper create a bow in the cross section of the white stripes.

6. Allow your design to dry for a bit and then add a coat of triple shine top coat to protect your design.

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