Wednesday, 22 October 2014

#ShabbatProjectTO #KeepingItTogether nails

The Shabbat Project Inspired Nails

This week is The Shabbat Project...Jews from all over the world will be keeping shabbos together...
We are starting off here in Toronto with an AMAZING Challah Bake #kneadingittogether!
So this weekend was the inspiration for this nail design. On one hand candles, on the other a challah.

1. Collect all the polishes you will need for this design.
2. Begin by applying a good base coat to clean and dry nails.
3. I started with the design nails and left the solid nails for last.
4. Using some various shades of brown polish, begin making the fishtail design (for our challah)
This is a great tutorial:  Fish Braid Tutorial

5. I then began making my candles on the other ring finger between stripes to allow a bit of drying time.
6. Paint the rest of your nails a neutral colour (I used Essie Marshmallow).
7. Allow to dry for a few minutes and finished with a good top coat!

You're done!!

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