Friday, 30 May 2014

Movie Reel Nails

Movie Reel Nails...

Sorry I have been MIA for so long...had a Bar Mitzvah for my second son which was fabulous and then was in NYC for a Dinner honouring my sister! So proud of her!!
I actually did this nail design for the Dinner as the theme was "Opening Night" and Movies...

1. Start with fresh clean nails.
2. Paint your nails with a good base coat.
3. On one hand (I choose my NON-dominant one) you will be creating a camera and movie reel, and on the other your box of popcorn.

Beginning with the movie reel:  
4. You will paint your nails with a white polish.
5. With a dotting tool in black polish you will begin creating the camera. Make two dots for the top. Then with a striping brush draw a rectangle for the body of the camera. Connect to the top with two small lines. Make 2-3 lines at the bottom as a stand. Create a small triangle for the front of the camera.
6. With a gold polish create the "reel" making rectangular shapes...can be a bit abstract.
7. Outline the "reel" with your black striper.
8. With the striper, connect the camera with a small line to the "reel". Allow the black to dry a bit.
9. With a small tipped dotting tool dipped in white polish create the little holes in the film of the reel (see pics).
10. Now wait for that to dry and then seal in your design with a good top coat.

Now for the popcorn:
11. You will paint all your nails a neutral colour.
12. Create french tips with a white polish.
13. Draw a thin red line above each white tip, except for the ring finger.
14. To create the popcorn you will mix a yellow polish with a bit of white to get the light yellow colour.
15. With a dotting tool dipped in the polish start to create the look of popcorn in a container. You will highlight the popcorn with the yellow to look like butter. With a dotting tool dipped in a brown polish add some dots for definition of the popcorn. You can press the dotting tool in a bit to get the texture.
15. Now draw your red line and vertical red lines with red striper to create the popcorn box.
16. Allow your design to dry and then seal and protect with a good topcoat.
And your done!!!

This design is definitely more challenging but looks so cute!

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