Tuesday, 11 March 2014

DIY Manicure Tips...

Here are some essential DIY Manicure tips...
Gather all the tools and polishes you need before you begin...

Step 1. Make sure all polish is removed

Step 2. Soak your hands in a warm soapy water for about 5 minutes

Step 3. Cut or File nails to the shape and length desired

Step 4. Push back or cut cuticles (makes the mani look 100 times better when you have well groomed cuticles!)

Step 5. Apply a good hand lotion

Step 6. With a cotton ball dipped in polish remover, go over each nail to make sure there is no moisturizer remaining or the polish will not have staying power

Step 7. Now you are ready for your base coat...I LOVE  Essie First Base. I actually see a distinct difference in the staying power of my polish when I use this base coat.

Step 8. You are ready to polish! My general rule is 2 coats should do it. And try and use 4 strokes (at the top center press brush a bit and drag down center, brush left, right. down the center again and then one across the bottom to seal the polish)  Here is a great tutorial and visual.

Step 9. Wait for a bit before applying your topcoat

Step 10. Finish with a good top coat such as Essie Good To Go

Here are some samples of basic manicures:

 Note: If you have any polish that got on the sides of your finger you can take a cotton swab dipped in polish remover and carefully remove.

Good Luck!!! You will be doing your own professional manicures in no time! Feel free to leave me your comments below and ask questions!

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