Sunday, 9 March 2014

Purim nail tutorial...

Purim is a time to have fun with different nails designs and colors! It is an exciting time and a time to get creative...
1.       Get all your nail polishes and tools needed for your design ready and close by.
2,  Paint your clean and dry nails with a good base coat such as Essie First Base
3.  Paint two coats of a neutral nail colour. I used Essie Sand Tropez , but really you can use any lighter color you like.

4.   Begin with your first image with a dotting tool to form the megillah, and continue for the different images of choice. Get creative with the colors...there is no “right” or “wrong”.
 I created a megillah, hamentashen, crown, grager and a mask. If you find this too “noisy” you can always choose one image and paint onto only the ring finger.

5.  Wait for about a ½ hour to let the images dry as much as possible.

6.   Protect your design with a good top coat. I use Essie Good To Go . I often do my nails at night and go to sleep soon after. This top coat dries really fast so no sheet marks!

Note: The best method for putting on the top coat is to dip the brush into the bottle, wipe gently and then place at the top of the nail and lightly brush downward. It is best to only use 3 strokes (centre, left and right)

Tools Used:
Dotting tool
Thin brush
Plasic bag to mix polishes on
Regular polish brushes

Debbie W

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