Sunday, 9 March 2014

My Chai Lifeline Poker Nails

Chai Lifeline is a group here in Toronto that helps kids with life threatening illnesses by preparing meals for the family, visiting and assisting in the Hospital, they have a fabulous summer camp and much more. They can be found here: Chai Lifeline Canada

In December of 2013, they had a fundraiser called "Go All In for Chai" which my husband and I attended.

These were the nails I sported!!

1. Paint your nails using a good base coat
2. Paint all but your ring fingers a green polish
3. Paint your ring fingers white
4. Create the diamond and heart with a red polish and a dotting tool. Create the heart by placing three small dots in a triangle shape. Connect the dots to form the heart. Do the same for the diamond making 4 dots in a diamond shape and connecting them and filling in the centres by use of a stippling motion (creating a series of dots to fill the space)
5. With a black polish create your spade and club. The spade is basically a heart with a tail and the spade is three joined dots and a tail.
6. Protect your design with a good top coat and you are done!!

Have fun and take your time!

See more here: My Nail Art on Pinterest and My Instagram

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