Sunday, 9 March 2014

Watermelon Nails

I created these nails for the beginning of summer...everyone loves a yummy, fresh, juicy watermelon so why not create nails that will get the same response!!

1. Paint all nails with a good base coat such as Essie First Base
2. Paint all nails except ring fingers with a green polish.
3. Paint the ring fingers with a reddish coral color polish.
4. Add a green tip for the rind, with a thin white line using a striper brush dipped in white polish
5. Make small black specs using a dotting tool and dragging ever so slightly to get the seed effect.
6. Wait for a bit and then protect your nails with a good top coat such as Essie Good To Go
And you are done!!
 See more at: My Nail Art on Pinterest and My Instagram

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